The mission of the Houston Franchise Association (HFA) is to bring Franchise professionals together in a coordinated effort to discuss franchise topics,  exchange ideas,  network  and learn from each other on a quarterly basis.  The primary goal is to discuss relevant issues in franchising and help each other grow successfully.

Each meeting centers around an important and relevant franchise topic such as:

  • Franchise Sales Compliance
  • Franchise Marketing
  • Technology and Procedures
  • Business Best-Practices

If you are interested in franchising or already involved in franchising, please consider joining the HFA.  You can become a member by clicking this link.


The origins of the local HFA begin with Jason Duncan who created the group in a grass-roots effort in 2014. With multiple franchise clients across Houston, Jason realized that many of his clients commonly face similar issues with legal, sales, HR, operations, etc. This was the idea that sparked the creation of the association — a way to bring franchise professionals together in-person to discuss and share ideas about franchising.

The inaugural meeting will be on Sept. 30th and will be the first of many great events to come.

For sponsorship opportunities, please send an email danny@managercomplete.com.  He will send you information about Houston Franchise Association sponsorship opportunities.


The HFA is currently working towards a non-profit business classification.


Email: danny@managercomplete.com
Phone: 866-505-2233